Do you ship electric display Menorah anywhere?

We ship mainly in the USA. With regards to other countries, shipping costs, shipping time, and in some cases wiring are subject to change.

Does the 6ft. Electric display Menorah fit in a car?

Yes, pretty easily.

How much does 6ft. Electric display Menorah weigh?

45 pounds in total – 3 parts.

How long does it take 6ft. Electric display Menorah to put together?

The 6ft. Electric display menorah can be put together in minutes , as steel parts slide into each other.

What size is the light bulb sockets on the 6ft. and 9ft. Electric display Menorah?

Regular light bulb size, and use 40 watt bulbs, of your choosing.

How much does the classic 9ft. electric display Menorah weigh?

In total all 7 pieces assembled weighs a solid 230 pounds.

Can 9ft. electric display Menorah fit in my car?

Menorah cannot fit in a car, it can fit in the back of a minivan, with the back seat down while transporting the Menorah, disassembled.

What do I need to install my 9ft. electric display Menorah?

No tools are necessary, would be best to have 2 people set it up (it can be done by one person), as Menorah parts slide into each other, it doesn’t take long.

How long does it take for Menorah to arrive, once order is placed and confirmed?

5-7 business days.

Are there replacement paint available for electric display Menorah?

Display Menorahs are painted power coat, contact us about buying replacement-matching spray cans.

Can I have my electric display Menorah painted a different color?

Yes, we do custom color orders, additional fees will be applied.

One of my switches, and light bulbs sockets on my electric display Menorah are broken can I have them replaced?

Yes, contact us more information.

Is there pricing available for Shliach, wholesalers, or if I buy in bulk?

Contact us for more information.

If I want to light my display Menorah with fire, and not the electric bulbs, how do I go about it?

In a colder and windier climate the conversion kit is a great option, as they simply screw into the existing light bulb socket, in warmer and less windy climates, you can go ahead and use the top of Tiki Torches – by placing them on top of the existing light bulb socket and holding them in place with electric tape for stability – torches provide a strong fire that can be seen from far.